What do you know about Branding & Office Interiors?
March 17, 2016

Have you ever considered the role that your office interior plays in the brand image of your company? There is something which is necessary for a company that knows how to communicate its values with the world through well branded touch points. The brand defines who you are as a company and how you would like to be perceived by others. Here are 5 interior designs tips to make your office awesome within your corporate branding values.

Plan the office design

Office design offers a unique puzzle. To plan an office effectively, the designer should have a thorough understanding of the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client, followed by an in-depth evaluation of the possibilities and constraints of the given space.

Natural Light

First of all, remember that lights are very important in workplace. A well-lit space is essential to maintain a good work environment. Natural light keeps people happier, more alert, and more productive. Cut the glare of overhead lighting, offer flexible task lighting, and use windows, skylights, and glass divisions to get sunlight more.

Office furniture

Choose appropriate furniture for your business. There are lots of possible solutions around, so before you contact your interior designer, think about the best way to organize spaces in your office in order to ease the workflow, and consider a possible expansion.


Always choose neutral color for walls. Splash a single wall with orange or red to keep energy high but they are not the only choice. Light blue can help concentration. A dash of red or orange gives energy.Keep brand colours present in the workspace.Office interior design is one of several branded touch points through which others interact with the company.


Brand is a living entity which defines who you are as a company, and how you would like to be perceived by others. A good branding is really about authenticity for a company and the role it plays in the market. Like your business cards and website, the look of your office is a functional and visible which extends the company’s identity. Spend some time for thinking about colors,wallpaper, and other décor that will fit for your brand. For more information talk to our professionals at Interfit.

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