The Children’s City, Dubai – an Amazing Adventure
October 15, 2016

Children’s city in Dubai is perhaps the world’s first ever educational city devoted to children between the ages of two and fifteen. The city is designed in such an amazing way that they can explore, learn, play, discover and investigate the place to figure out the world we live in. The children’s city is located at Dubai Creek Park. The city has been designed for children to interact with family and school groups to aid their learning process.

From an interior designer’s point of view, the layout and framework of the infrastructure is perfect. A mix of fun and interactive elements make the entire city an amazing adventure for its visitors. The city has its own features of different elements of nature and science which is presented uniquely and effectively. The space exploration segment is something that quite stands out with its layout aimed at teaching kids about the solar system, astronomy and aviation principles and the plane set out in the gallery is quite huge! But at the same time, the space has been utilized in such a way that there is no form of crunch when there is a huge crowd.

Another attractive feature of the layout of the Children’s city is the planetarium. The wide range of stars and space studies offered here will surely keep your little one busy.

The wondrous part of the layout at the Children’s city is its amphitheatre. Apart from all the other galleries and exhibition centers, this place has its own theatre.  The Nature Center is yet another amazing layout of creativity and space utilization which amazes the visitor and catches a designer’s eye. There is a large fish tank inside this exhibit and also live fossils and exhibits of different type of animals placed in its natural setting which is quite brilliant.

It is purely an amazement to put into words when we describe the Children’s city. You have to visit the place to actually see and feel the wonderful layout that the architect dreamed up.

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