September 27, 2016

Are you always on the lookout for the perfect furniture for your home or office? Recently, we came across a particular piece of chair furniture shaped like a Moth. We did a detailed study on the design and were so intrigued with the design and functionalities of the chair that we felt it absolutely important that we shared our thoughts with you.

So, have you heard about the Moth Chair? Over the centuries, many great architects and designers have come out with conceptually and functionally creative furniture. A chair is simply a piece of furniture with a raised surface that is used to seat a single person. However simple the definition, there are many implications to having a perfect chair. It should be easy on your back apart from giving you comfort and rest.

The moth chair was designed by the Scandinavian design company based in Denmark. The design of each seat takes inspiration from the famous Rorschach test. He played a huge role in positioning the eyes of the moth.

While creating moth chair, the designers kept comfort in mind and created a chair that is cleaved down the center. Resulting in a seat that puts minimal pressure onto the spine making it a perfect one

Each ergonomic chair is made using oak plywood and structure coated steel, which are then interconnected at the back using two corks from a Champagne cork supplier. The Moth Chair comes in a choice of three colors: smoked oak, natural oiled oak, and white oiled oak.

What are the differences between an ergonomic chair and non-ergonomic chair?

  1. Ergonomic chairs really is a self-given title that chair manufacturers use to emphasize their products are made for conforming to the human body.
  2. A non-ergonomic chair would be the type you find at a fast food restaurant or on some city benches where they discourage long term comfort.

Next time you decide to choose a furniture piece, why don’t you also try the Moth Chair? We, at Interfit Interiors, are experts in providing you with the best solutions in interior design, fit outs and furniture. In case you need more expert advice, talk to us at Interfit Interiors or check us out at:


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