Do you know the impact of office design on business performance?
May 10, 2016

The workplace is a constantly evolving entity that changes with the times to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing global work environment. Work and stress are very often found in the same environment, particularly in a landscape of stiff business competition. The fact that the usual work force sees individuals cooped up in their workplaces at least nine hours day, or more than half of their waking time, is something that companies need to consider in designing their office layouts. Greater output, increased productivity and improved quality of work are frequently elements of a properly arranged work environment.

Design can help Productivity

How can you make an office more effective? An effective office design will create a good impression to visiting clients and help to develop a structured, professional image that inspires confidence and loyalty. This will in turn affect the overall profitability of your organization. As said before; your employees will work more efficiently and effectively if your office has been well designed, which ensures your business is operating at peak performance. Thus a smart office design and refurbishment could free-up space that you never realized you had and increase your business performance, which can in turn have dramatic effects on your profitability.

Lighting Matters

Office lighting plans must be firm and viably enlighten distinctive sorts of spaces that coexist under one roof: the reception area, open office space and private workspaces of varying sizes.It must represent and fortify the corporate image. However, the presence of ample daylight and windows, as well as opportunities for active and passive contact with nature, tactile change and variability, all have a positive impact on people’s well-being.

Acoustics are Vital

A noisy, cluttered working environment that is not upgraded to the sort of work that employees do plays a major role in work disappointment and abatement in individual efficiency. Good office acoustics are extremely important in providing an environment that allows for shared ideas and effective communication whilst also enabling workers to perform their roles in a domain that isn’t excessively troublesome or frustrates their profitability. To support the complex knowledge work, many people seek out calm spots. The ability to have arranged or spontaneous interactions without disturbing others is important for teamwork and relationship development.

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