An Ode to the Legend – Zaha Hadid
May 28, 2016

Architecture is really about well-being. An architect is someone who loves to design and is trained to work on the planning and designing of buildings. Anyone can draw up plans and call themselves a building designer, but only a person who transforms our vision of our future is a great ‘architect’. Zaha Hadid was an innovative Iraqi-British who is the first woman receiver of the very prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize and also she won the “Museum Design of the Year Award” for the design of “Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre”. She is also known as the “Queen of the Curve”.

Early Life,Career, Personal Life

Zaha Hadid was born on 31 October, 1950 in Baghdad. Her father was a business owner as well as an active in political and her mother was an artist from Mosul. Zaha Hadid attended boarding schools in England and Switzerland. In 1972 she moved to London to study at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. In 1980 she established her own London – based Architecture practice. Zaha Hadid never got married. She wanted to focus and build all her career as an architect.

Architecture and Design Works

Hadid was given the Honor of “Dame Commander of the Order” of the British Empire in 2012. Zaha Hadid’s famous works includes the Vitra Fire Station Weil am Rhein, Germany, Bergisel Ski Jump, Innsbruck Austria, Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art , Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, Hotel Puerta America Madrid, Spain, BMW Central Building , Leipzig, Germany, Ordrupgaard annexe, Copenhagen, Denmark. She was the highest paid architect in the world.

Memorial Tributes to ZahaHadid

Zaha Hadid, the pioneering architect died in Miami at the age of 65 on March 31st with a mixed legacy.We all like to think that, when we die, we’ll leave behind a lasting legacy. Here is what Hadid left behind:

Norman Foster: “How do you sum Zaha up? A great architect and a great person. A very special person.”

Daniel Libeskind: “Zaha was a pioneer. And she was a star in the firmament of ideas and of poetry. Andonce a star goes out, there is really no-one to replace it. She was unique.”

Deborah Berke:”Zaha was a genius. She was doing work that nobody else conceived of, never mind figured out how to build.”

Patrik Schumacher:”Zaha’s historical significance I think if anything, has been underestimated. She has been a monumental innovator, radically expanding the degrees of freedom one has as a composer in space.”

DeyanSudjic: “What you hear about Zaha and what she was actually like are two very different things. She was very tender about the people that mattered to her.”

Amanda Levete: “The very essence of Zaha is that she was a real romantic, very sensitive but a warriortoo, and that is how I like to remember her.”

Eva Jiricna: “She was so full of energy and so full of ideas.”

Bjarke Ingels: “What she managed to do, which is so amazing, is to take this entire universe that seemed impossible and unbuildable and completely sort of change our understanding of what is fantasy and what is reality.”

Richard Rogers: “She has certainly sculpted out a way through society and architecture which is unique,which is so great that I cannot… words are not sufficient.”

Julia Peyton Jones: “There are very few people in the world who are known by one name. You knowthat anywhere in the world you can talk about Zaha.”

Hans Ulrich Obrist:“When you are an artist or an architect you need immense courage. And Zaha had this immense courage. She radiated this immense courage that was infectious to many, many young people.”

Paul Goldberger: “Who knows what extraordinary things would have come out of that imagination if it had another one of two decades to keep producing things?”

Even though Zaha Hadid is dead, she had evolved into one of the most famous architects in the world in her short span of life. Her vision was extreme and her legend shall live on.

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