7 Important Principles of Interior Design Part II
August 30, 2016

In our previous article, we had discussed about the 2 Important Principles of Interior Design like Unity and balance. As a continuation to the topic of discussion, today we are going to discuss about the remaining principles of interior design like Rythm, Emphasis , Scale and Proportion.


Rhythm is one of the important principles of Interior Design. It is all about visual pattern repetition. It can be termed as continuity, recurrence or organized movement. In order to succeed these elements in your design you need to think about some other mechanisms like repetitions, progression, transition and contrast. It will convey a sense of movement and shift your eyes from one design to another.


Emphasis as the name suggests is an important principle of interior design. The centre piece of art or furniture plays the role of attention grabber or centre of attention. There are certain elements must be used to emphasize a particular focal point. Color, Pattern and texture are some of them. These elements must be used in such a way that the focal point dominates the rest of the décor items.

Scale and Proportion

Scale and proportion is the most important part of achieving great design. The principles of scale and proportions make sure that objects placed in a space look like they belong to each other. It can be in size, dimension, shape, or color. The most important thing is it must have a harmony between them and proportion has to be maintained.

To be continued…….


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